Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Christmas, more than any other holiday, is steeped in tradition and when those traditions aren’t observed, they seem to detract from the season. Though we may share some traditions on a national, cultural and religious level, I have my own personal traditions that make my Christmas a little more joyous. And like most traditions some originated in my childhood and here they are:

Thanksgiving - Nothing kicks off the holidays like eating ham, turkey, and roast beef in one sitting.


Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time - This tradition has some stipulations. I need to hear this awesomely-bad song by the former Beatle on the radio, all the way through.

Fruity Pebbles Commercial
- “Tis the season to be sharing, Fred.” It was always a delight to see Barney finally get some Fruity Pebbles. This commercial has been off the air for a while now and I had to make due with an old VHS (square DVD) copy I had. But thanks to YouTube, it is something we can all enjoy.

John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together - I need to listen to the best Christmas album ever recorded. As a kid, my family and I listened to the record (Big Black CD) so much that we wore it out and had to get another one.
NyQuil - When I was younger, I was so anxious on Christmas Eve that I couldn’t sleep. My mom would give me some NyQuil to knock me out. Even though I no longer have trouble getting to sleep on December 24th, I still take a shot of the green stuff.

Die Hard
- The best Christmas movie ever made. "Yippie-ki-yay and Merry Christmas!"


Kathryn said...

oh they bring back some good memories.

Larissa said...

I got to know about a few of these before they were officially published online for the world. I feel honored.